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Food Matters Podcast

Jan 23, 2024

Have you ever tried to heal your gut health and found yourself still battling the same gut discomfort or symptoms? Maybe you’ve lived with particular pain for years and just accepted it’s part of who you are? Our body is the most complex, weird, and wonderful machine that works in a complete mental-chemical-physical balance to operate at its best! 

00:00 - Introduction and bio
03:17- Inflammation markers
17:19 - The power of touch
33:46 - Gut issues and inflammation
42:50 - Healing gut issues
45:53 - Addressing SIBO and gut overgrowth
49:09 - The importance of mind-body connection
50:09 - The sequential approach to healing
51:05 - Managing candida overgrowth
- Simple steps for gut healing
- Individualized approach to detoxification

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